Testimonials & Case Studies


From Karin Solbakken
Moira the powerful and magical healer
“On the hottest summer days I couldn’t stand the heat, I felt irrational and stuck. And I booked a session with Moira. During the session Moira channelled to me one of my powerful Egyptian past lives. I vividly saw past life picture images and it felt so real.
She cleared my past life trauma on a very deep level and she cleared and reset my body from that pain. I felt a deep release in my physical body. And then literally the next day I could walk in the sun without any discomfort.
I can recommend sessions with Moira, she is really a beautiful soul and you can feel her nurturing and unconditional love during her unique deep level healing”.

From Kassie

“Moira, that was fabulous! No messing about as we dove straight into the blocks, and you were so so loving and gentle, clearing heart wounds and helping me to release what ever I didn’t resonate with any more.

I saw the owls and swallows as you mentioned, then owl energies followed by medicine light beings and then the 2 Marys coming in. This was high energy shamanic work and there was a huge shift for me like to another level.  It is so amazing, your capacity to facilitate that for me”.

From Gemma

“I’ve had several wonderful crystal healing sessions with Moira and I’ve found the experience very transformative! My energy levels have increased and I have a much more optimistic approach to life.  Her healing works on a deep, chakra level and is very nourishing and cleansing.  I highly recommend her, no matter how much baggage emotionally and physically you think you’re carrying – this lady knows her stuff and you’re in safe and very effective healing hands.  We connect easily and I have always left our sessions feeling revitalised and smiling! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you again soon. Gemma x

From Jane.

“I have had three wonderful healing sessions with Moira.  They have all been truly impactful and I have noticed the difference in mind, body and soul following the sessions.  The sessions are relaxing, fun and interesting and Moira has a great knack at putting you at your ease and getting to the crux of what is needed at each interaction.  Thank you Moira.  Much love”.

From Ray.

“What ever I’d studied i the past, NLP, Reiki, DHE, RTT, marketing etc etc didn’t really work and I could not find out why. Then I had an Akashic Records Reading with Moira, activated my Merkaba and did channelled healing with her and everything fell into place and now works beyond my wildest dreams.  Getting clarity from working with Moira will 10 x your life”.