Multi Dimensional Healing and Channelling

A healing as unique as you are.

Multi-Dimensional Healing and Channelling

The healing I provide includes Multi-Dimensional Healing, Atlantean Crystal Healing, Theta healing whilst in the client’s Akashic Records. By combining these different healing modalities to my Channelled Healing work, I am  able to offer a unique and thorough healing form for my clients.

My work helps to bring in the client’s sovereign templates and connect them to their higher self in order to clear deep core and past life issues. The Multi-dimensional Healing includes connecting to and working with the Arch Angels, Galactic Beings, the Ascended Masters, Native American Indians, Christ energy and other high vibrational beings, depending on what the individual needs during that session.

Each individual is unique and therefore the channelling is unique to that person. We focus on what their core issue is that is holding them back from feeling fulfilled and moving forward in their life in a more harmonious way.

During the healing, and through the guidance of the persons Akashic record keepers and guides, I am given specific guidance for the individual that I’m working with that can help them to make a positive shift in themselves now.

It is highly recommended to have 3 sessions – The Silver package as we can go much deeper into an issue and cover it from several different angles.

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Crystal Healing

My love for crystals started in 1996.  I then studied and qualified as a Crystal healer in 2000 after an in depth two year diploma.

Over the years, I have incorporated specialised healing into this treatment protocol in order to realign and energise the whole auric field of my clients. It improves, energises and realigns their whole body and their chakras too.

I now also include a Vortex Healing and channelling nearer the end of the session.

The results speak for themselves, with clients experiencing deeper and faster healing on all levels. 

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A 15 minute consultation with me can quickly work out which healing modality is best suited to your current needs.

Distance Healing

When doing a distance healing session, I firstly tune into the person’s auric field to see what needs the most attention on that day.

I use crystals to clear their body and chakras of any stagnant or misaligned energy.  I then work to realign and recharge their whole system with the appropriate crystals and aura aligning technique.  This works particularly well after a channelled healing session with me as it helps to integrate and clear out any residual old energies and integrate the healing that the person has activated.  Depending on what the person needs I may then channel whichever healing modality is needed, theta healing and/or freestyle channelling to get to the core of the issue and give the person even more support to heal themselves.  People often remark that they feel much more grounded and find it easier to focus after their sessions.

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