Homeobotanicals & Homeoherbals

These wholistic remedies can completely clean out, your body of all toxins ingested, inhaled and absorbed, leaving your body capable of functioning much more efficiently. Once the toxic load is taken off your organs, your immune system will re-establish itself and work to restore balance.

Multi Dimensional Healing and Channelling

Master healing with crystals. Working with Multi-dimensional and frequencies and freestyle channelling to help to align you to your true nature and highest potential whilst clearing out stuck energy from your timelines. Ideal for those already on their spiritual path and healers

Rahanni Celestial Healing

5th Dimension Celestial healing. Helps to release negativity and old patterns to create inner peace, positivity and compassion. This is very nurturing healing that helps to open our heart to unconditional love, which we could all do with more of!

Angel Oil

Angel Oil was created by Zoe Henderson (aromatherapist, animal whisperer and healer) with the help of a medical herbalist, a creative perfumer, a biologist and an aromatherapy chemist to create essential oil blends aimed at alleviating common ailments such as arthritis, insomnia, anxiety migraines and common colds.

Star Reiki

Star Reiki is to date the most advanced form of Reiki. Working with the light key codes from Sirius, the Pleiades and Arcturus  Star systems plus the Merkaba. Helping you to become much clearer, more energised and less stressed.

Theta Healing

Working with the 7th Plane of existence and reaching the Theta brain wave, which is a deeply relaxed state. From this state, we can shift the limiting beliefs that hinder us and create a life that is far more fulfilling on all levels.