Merkaba Light Body Activation

Your Merkabah is connected to your ‘perfected self’
your ‘perfect self’ is ‘you’ at the higher self-level
it’s also ‘you’ as the ‘ascended master you’
The Merkaba is a vehicle that connects us in the physical world to the Divine, the Source of energy.

Multi Dimensional Healing and Channelling

Master healing with crystals. Working with Multi-dimensional and frequencies and freestyle channelling to help to align you to your true nature and highest potential whilst clearing out stuck energy from your timelines. Ideal for those already on their spiritual path and healers

Akashic Record Readings

When accessing the Akashic Records, held in the 11th dimension,
I receive information from the Record Keepers and Guides, specifically your guides and loved ones.  This is very much a soul reading, which has helped many people feel realigned with their purpose for being on the planet during this transformational time.

Homeobotanicals & Homeoherbals

These wholistic remedies can completely clean out, your body of all toxins ingested, inhaled and absorbed, leaving your body capable of functioning much more efficiently. Once the toxic load is taken off your organs, your immune system will re-establish itself and work to restore balance.

Theta Healing

Working with the 7th Plane of existence and reaching the Theta brain wave, which is a deeply relaxed state. From this state, we can shift the limiting beliefs that hinder us and create a life that is far more fulfilling on all levels.

Distance Healing

When doing a distance healing session, I firstly tune into the person’s auric field to see what needs the most attention on that day.I use crystals to clear their body and chakras of any stagnant or misaligned energy.