Date: June 2020
Location: England
Client: Healer
Category Atlantian healing

Example of a channelling healing session and case study:

Katherine wanted to clear abundance issues.  She is herself a sensitive healer.


Our Solutions

As soon as I tuned in she felt the ripple effect of the lagoon coming to life. I saw her wearing a light blue flowing dress and had two cones at the top of her head, later they turned into horns, so I realised this is divine womb priestess energy. She then came up to my rose quartz throne with her own chalice asking for the grail elixir. We did the DNA entwining straight away. She had several spirit animals with her, a black wolf, an eagle that came out of her back over her right shoulder and a polar bear, I merged them all into her system whilst working on balancing her feminine and masculine energy whilst using the spiralling technique. I saw a past life where she was a peasant and very poor. I cleared it energetically and with my hands and instead was led to give her a life with plenty of money, a well, food that she grew and a tin bath which would have been very luxurious in those times! I felt she needed to feel what it would have been like to have this wealth and advised her to tune into this feeling of gratitude and feeling blessed. She was given a staff of silver and opal crystals at the top. She then morphed into a man with a beard a crown. Her clothes became a more translucent blue and she then had an opal crown with purple-ish pearls hanging from it. Then the 7th plane of energy started coming down through her as she was sat on the throne and I let it come through to her for about a minute as it’s very strong! I then put her in the blue healing dome and accelerated the healing effects of it by spiralling my hands and
then the yellow calibration dome to bring all the healing together and ground it in through her whole system.