A Gentle but Powerful Healer

A gentle but powerful healer

Date August 2022
Location UK
Client Annabelle


Ann had a lot of trauma from childhood that just didn’t seem to shift, no matter how much healing she had done on herself or had with other healers.  We had a consultation via zoom and she then booked in for the Silver healing package.  She now books in for sessions, when ever she feels that a major block is ready to shift.  I very much enjoy working with Annabelle as she is a very gentle and kind soul and healer.

Annabelle’s comments

“I have had such amazing channelled healing sessions with Moira.  She has enabled me to clear past lives and I have felt the physical and emotional changes afterwards in my life.  Moira creates a beautiful safe space with which to do this deep healing work. I highly recommend that you work with her and feel the benefits of her amazing work”.