Powerful Shamanic work with animal energies

Powerful Shamanic work with animal energies

Date February 2021
Location Ireland
Client Kassie, also a healer

The issue

Kassie had some troubles relating to her feminine power and with being able to trust men again so that she could finally attract her soul mate.  In order to access this power more fully she needed help to clear and to shift some dense stuck energy from this life and past lives so that the new frequencies and positive outcomes could come in.  We worked with the Atlantean liquid crystal energies, guides, spirit animals, ascended Masters and the Angelic Realm to clear and align Kassie with her higher self and her divine Gold print.

This is what she had to say about the experience

“Moira, that was fabulous! No messing about as we dove straight into the blocks, and you were so so loving and gentle, clearing heart wounds and helping me to release what ever I didn’t resonate with any more.

I saw the owls and swallows as you mentioned, then owl energies followed by medicine light beings and then the 2 Marys coming in. This was high energy shamanic work and there was a huge shift for me like to another level.  It is so amazing, your capacity to facilitate that for me”.