Moira the powerful and magical healer

Moira the powerful and magical healer
Date January 2020
Location Sweden
Client Karin Solbakken
Category Channelled Healing


Karin was struggling with some past life stuck energy. It was draining her especially during the summertime and preventing her from being able to stand in the heat without extreme discomfort, which detrimentally affected her and her family.

Results from Channelled Healing one to one sessions:

“On the hottest summer days I couldn’t stand the heat, I felt irrational and stuck. And I booked a session with Moira. During the session Moira channelled to me one of my powerful Egyptian past lives. I vividly saw past life picture images and it felt so real. She cleared my past life trauma on a very deep level and she cleared and reset my body from that pain. I felt a deep release in my physical body. And then literally the next day I could walk in the sun without any discomfort.

I can recommend sessions with Moira, she is really a beautiful soul and you can feel her nurturing and unconditional love during her unique deep level healing”.