Crystal Sensing Workshops

The wonderful world of exquisite crystal healing is only a workshop away…  Learn how to tap into their high vibrational energies and integrate their magical healing.

I have developed these workshops to assist my clients with achieving magical results.

The benefits include:

  • 1. Clearing stagnant energy
  • 2. Getting confident with the application of each crystal
  • 3. Feeling more balanced, energised and confident
  • 4. Speed up your awakening

If you’re looking for assistance to break out of the cocoon that feels like it is holding you back, Or if you feel like you need to fast track your healing and start living your best life, then you’ve come to exactly the right place.

Be supported as you make the changes in your life that take you to the next level.

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Crystal Meditations and Workshops

 Learn why and how crystals can help us…
and how to harness their healing powers


1 session per month live via Zoom
£12 per class

  • Clear your system
  • Recharge your system
  • Connection to multidimensional healing
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1 session live via zoom £50
3 sessions live via zoom £150

  • Clearing and grounding technique
  • Physical and emotional clearing
  • Experience the healing energy of crystals
  • Harness the healing energy of crystals
  • Support between sessions
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1 session live via zoom per week
and support between calls, £145

dates: 8th to 22nd February 2022 6-7.30pm

Monday 7th to 21st March 2022 10-11.30am

  • Where crystals come from and how they work
  • clearing and grounding technique
  • Physical and emotional clearing
  • Experience the healing energy of crystals
  • Harness the healing energy of crystals
  • Feel more confident in working with crystals in daily life
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I recently completed the 6-week crystal workshop,
Moira’s unique take on the subject and patient style of teaching have kept me engaged throughout the course.
I was able to heal a deep pain in my leg that has plagued me for years.
It has been an illuminating experience and I have gained skills and gifts that I can count on for the rest of my life.


6 week Crystal workshop in detail:

1 session per week online via zoom:

During these workshop sessions done via zoom we will work on the following:

Week 1 – Learn how crystals are formed and how they work, base chakra crystal and oil plus a guided meditation.

Week 2 – How to clear, ground, and protect yourself whilst connecting deeply into mother earth and father sky, sacral chakra issues and which crystals and oils you can use.  Crystal sensing.

Week 3 – How to cleanse crystals, solar plexus chakra crystals and which oils to use.

Week 4 – Heart and thymus chakra, issues, which crystals and oils to use.  Crystal sensing.

Week 5 – Throat chakra and Alta major chakra, crystals and oils to use, crystal sensing and meditation.

Week 6 – third eye and Crown chakra and associated oils and crystals. Crystal sensing and meditation.

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The magical world of working with crystals can open up new possibilities for you… Learn to heal on an incredibly deep level as you discover how to harness the healing power of crystals