Acknowledging Female Energy and Power

Acknowledging Female Energy and Power

Date October 2020
Location England
Client Amy

Our Solutions

During my channelling session with Amy, we discussed several issues, the main one that came up for clearing was where she had always felt ashamed of her femininity, including when she first had her period whereby instead of feeling empowered as a woman, she felt that she had to hide away her feminine power, self-worth and sensuality.

Firstly several spirit animals came in. We worked on a past Native American Indian life, where she had been celebrating coming into womanhood but whilst doing this ceremony she had been cruelly taken away and abused.

Lifetimes of shame greatly affected here in this lifetime. She had also never celebrated birthdays in this life time. As the session unfolded, new realisations and insights came forward.

What Amy said after her session

“Ah thank you I’m crying because I’ve never forgotten my people. They are now free and so am I. They’ve been waiting for this so have I.”