Rahanni Celestial Healing

Everything is connected...

Rahanni means ‘of one heart’ … everything is connected

This is a healing for the mind, emotions and body. There is no separation between us, as we are from one divine energy source. Rahanni Celestial Healing works very much from the pure place of unconditional love.

If you are looking for a balance between your masculine and feminine sides, a Rahanni Healing could help you attain this balance.

Similarly, if you are struggling with fears and negative energy, Rahanni Healing can help you to release these.

Moira has been presented with the gift of Rahanni by the ‘higher beings’ of light to bring this beautiful healing modality through to humanity at this critical time in our existence.

During this healing, Moira works with ascended masters such as Kwan Yin, Lord Melchizedek, 51 Celestial beings from the pink ray, Archangels including Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Phylos the master of Joy, Dr Lorphan and Helios and Vesta.

All these transcendent beings work together with one voice to ensure that the right type of healing takes place on a very deep level.

Become more balanced and improve your communication skills

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A 15-minute consultation with me can quickly work out if a Rahanni Celestial Healing will be right for you.

Is a Rahanni Healing right for you?

Natural healing modality…

Rahanni is a natural healing modality and works alongside conventional medicine, not as a substitute.

You will NEVER be advised to discontinue any medication that has been prescribed by a professional. Rahanni practitioners and teachers are not qualified to give medical advice, Rahanni Celestial Healing is a complementary therapy.

As a precaution, we are only able to offer distant healing to:

  • Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy/radiotherapy
  • Anyone with a pacemaker​​

Will a Rahanni Celestial Healing work for you?

Book a free 15 min call with me

A 15 minute consultation with me can quickly work out which healing modality is best suited to your current needs.