Angel Oil


Angel Oil was created by Zoe Henderson (aromatherapist, animal whisperer and healer) with the help of a medical herbalist, a creative perfumer, a biologist and an aromatherapy chemist to create essential oil blends aimed at alleviating common ailments such as arthritis, insomnia, anxiety migraines and common colds.

Naturally and ethically sourced and quality assured therapeutic blend of premium quality, 100% essential oils specifically formulated to help naturally relax and soothe muscles and joints.

I love using this oil for aching muscles and it feels like I’m receiving a huge hug from the Angels when I put it onto my skin!

“Angel oil is extraordinary: it does not just kill the pain of my arthritis on my hands, but it heals the swellings of the most swollen parts of the fingers.  If you use it regularly, it will keep your handsfree of the terrible suffering.  You see, I cannot live without it!”

Carola. Geneva July 2020

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