Crystals are Conscious Beings

I find that when I’m tunning into and working with my crystals that this is my happy place, a place of deep healing, guidance and also teachings from the crystals themselves and a deeper connection to mother earth.

I have always believed that each crystal is a conscious being. Some wish to be healing crystals and some do not and that they very much choose you and not the other way around! Have you ever walked into a place that sells crystals and end up being completely drawn to one in particular and when you pick it up, it feels very at home and lovely in your hand? That’s your crystal choosing you.

To tune into your crystal, you first need to make sure that it’s cleansed and ideally recharged too.

Make sure that you’re grounded and protected. (I cover these methods necessary before working with your crystal in my crystal sensing workshops or in my one to one sessions). Then you can hold it in your left hand and allow the energy of the crystal to slowly start to go up to your left arm and into your body. You may feel a slight tingling and gentle sensations in your body. Sit with your crystal for a while whilst taking nice, comfortable deep breaths. You may then start to have some positive guidance given to you from your crystal such as how to better take care of your health or an answer to something that has been on your mind. I find that working with crystals in this way helps to clear areas of the body of stress and then open your mind to receive answers and it can also recharge your system emotionally too. Even a five-minute crystal sensing session can have wonderful effects on the reduction of stress levels in general and if done frequently you should find that you can cope better with day to day life and feel much more at ease in your body.

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